Stretch Cord $20
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Stretch Cord™ Stretching Device

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The Stretch Cord™ is an improvement over the towel method of stretching the calf muscles and hamstrings.   The plastic cone-shaped pieces enable a better grip.  As your flexibility improves, move your grip forward to the next pairs of cones.

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"The custom colors help create much more enthusiasm for stretching. Our athletes actually want to take them to their dorm to stretch on their that's progress!"

- Joe Dial
Head Track Coach, Oral Roberts University; Former World Record Holder, Pole Vault

"We started stretching classes using the Stretch Cord Program. Our Members love it...its like a yoga class only much easier"

- Lori Holmes
Aerobic Instructor Health Zone

"I encourage my clients to stretch in addition to utilizing's a great combination to stay injury free"

- Lynn Kincaid
Licensed Massage Therapist

Order This Product     Customer Reviews

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