PowerStep Insole
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PowerStep Insole
This is a thin version of the Pinnacle with reviews almost as high.

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See the new Pinnacle™ PowerStep for thicker cushioning

The PowerStep has more arch support than store-bought inserts.  Customer reviews over the years have been great.  Powersteps come in 12 different sizes so that the arch support can be higher and more precise.  See a recent discussion about PowerSteps in our message board.  The PowerStep's cushion thickness is the same as a good athletic shoe insert.  

Customers gave the PowerStep a 4.2 out of 5 rating

Click here for 3 dimensional view 115 KB

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Customer responses:
"Ordering and delivery were very easy." - Dave U.
"It is much better than the $400.00 custom devices that I used before." - Robert
"The inserts let me have a normal life. " - Ron
"Very good product and very good service. " -Joe
"My God these things are wonderful!" - Michael C.

"I just ran the NYC Marathon with these insoles. Not only did I finish, but I ran a new PR and was pain free the whole race. PowerStep are hands down the best insoles I have ever used and work great. I have a bad heel spur on my right foot that caused me great pain while training for the race. Power Step insoles save me from having to drop out. I only wish they were made in a mens size 14." - d southwood

Unique 4-phase design to relieve heel and arch pain:

  1. Strong prescription-like arch support, calibrated with flexibility for comfort.
  2. Heel cradle and platform to stabilize/protect the heel during landing.
  3. Unique double-layer cushion casing to enhance comfort from heel to toe.
  4. Special Sanitiz etc.™ fabric to reduce slippage and heat, and keep feet dryer.

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Independent Reviews

  • Runner's World, April 1999-"The contour of the arch and foot bed give a good fit. Also, the arch's springy flexibility and the cushioning in the forefront and heel provide a stable, comfortable ride.
  • Men's Health, October 1999-"We recommend Powerstep. It will provide extra cushioning and superior arch support."
  • U.S. Department of Defense-Tested and approved for use.
  • Athlete's Foot Wear Test Center-Tested and approved for use.

Powerstep is the Podiatrist's Prescription for Pain Relief!

Powerstep was developed by Dr. Les Appel based on over 20 years experience creating thousands of custom, prescription orthotics in his practice. While customized podiatrist-designed orthotics are the ideal therapy for major foot disorders, Dr. Appel realized that for most common, mild heel and arch pain there was a simpler, better way for most people's pain…

Powerstep gives your foot the support and stability you need.

  • Powerstep is optimized to provide complete heel and arch support and stability
  • Powerstep's structure is based on computer analysis of thousands of feet to determine the design that could help the vast majority of people.
  • Powerstep uniquely combines strong prescription-like support with a heel cradle and structure that stabilizes the foot.
  • This prevents the foot from pronating (rolling inward) or the arch from flattening, eliminating strain on the plantar fascia tissue.
  • Because it corrects or realigns the lower skeletal structure, many people find that Powerstep also helps with pain in the ankles, knees, hips or even lower back.

Powerstep is different from ordinary foot care products. Unlike Powerstep:

  • soft insoles cushion the foot, but lack arch support, which is necessary to address the underlying condition that causes pain.
  • ordinary arches support the arch, but often are too weak collapsing under minimal pressure and typical body weight. Most ordinary arches also don't stabilize the heel to reduce pronation (rolling inward).
  • customized prescription arches fit best but can be expensive, and often take a few weeks to make. Many podiatrists recommend Powerstep to patients: a) while they wait for their prescription arches; b) if they can't afford prescription arches; and, c) if their problem isn't severe enough to warrant prescription arches.
Customers do not have any size problems if they choose one size too small or too large.  So don't worry too much about the sizing, just go by your shoe size and get the smaller size if you have many sizes.  There is about 1/3 of an inch difference between each size, and they can be trimmed, but no one ever trims them.  This goes for the Pinnacle and Original Powersteps.  But for those who want more info, here are the dimensions for comparing to your existing insole.

Don't Worry About the Chart Below Unless You Need The Data
To Compare To Your Existing Insole

Original and Pinnacle Powerstep Sizes
Letter On
Max Width
Front (cm)
Max Width
Rear (cm)**
a/sm 3-3.5 5-5.5 9.25 24.0 78 62
A 4-4.5 6-6.5 9.5 24.5 82 65
B 5-5.5 7-7.5 9.8 25.0 85 68
C 6-6.5 8-8.5 10 25.5 87 70
D 7-7.5 9-9.5 10.3 26.0 88 72
E 8-8.5 10-10.5 10.6 27.0 92 75
F 9-9.5 11-11.5 11.0 27.8 95 78
G 10-10.5 12-12.5 11.3 28.8 97 80
H 11-11.5 13-13.5 11.5 29.5 100 87
I/J 12-13.5 14-15.6 12 30.3 102 88
K 14-14.5 16-16.5 12.75 32.5 105 90
** Note: The heel can spread out 3 mm more than shown or scrunch up to 7 mm thinner:

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