Pinnacle Powerstep $20
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Pinnacle Powerstep ®    New Cushioning
Our Highest Rated Product for Plantar Fasciitis

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See Original PowerStep for less cushioning -

The Pinnacle Insole our highest rated, best selling item.  We guarantee this is the best product for plantar fasciitis.  It has the highest available arch support without a prescription.  It comes in 11 different sizes for a better fit than store-bought inserts.  The Pinnacle PowerStep has the same firm arch support as the Original PowerStep, but the Pinnacle has thicker and softer cushioning.  We reviewed many different inserts and decided these were the best for plantar fasciitis and 109 customer reviews agree.  You do not need to trim the Pinnacle Powersteps.  Remove any existing insoles in your shoe. 

Comes in Pairs.
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Customers do not have any size problems if they choose one size too small or too large.  So don't worry about the sizing, just go by your shoe size and get the smaller size if you have many sizes.  There is about 1/4 of an inch difference between each size, and they can be trimmed, but no one ever trims them.  This goes for the Pinnacle and Original Powersteps.

Order This Product     Customer Reviews

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