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Understanding How Essential It Is For Regular Maintenance of Pervious Concrete

We continually promote the need for maintenance of pervious concrete or any kind of porous paving in order to keep the system working properly. The voids must remain open to allow the water to infiltrate. That is what a porous paving system is designed to do.

We recommend that the ASTM1701 procedure is done when the pervious concrete is initially installed, so you have a baseline for future comparisons. If this is done periodically, every 6 months, you can tell if the infiltration rates decreases, you need vacuuming. The problem is you let it go one year, and it appears to be still working. Then another year, and another year, and all of the sudden the pavement is plugged solid and the freeze thaw cycles have started to destroy the surface.

This is exactly what happened at the Westmoreland Community College Campus in Indiana PA.

We are going to attempt to rehabilitate the pervious concrete at that facility, using specialized equipment that will both pressure wash the surface and vacuum.

Can we guarantee that this will work and restore to its original state? Unfortunately NO, but we will do the ASTM1701 procedure before the work is done, and after it is completed and can demonstrate and document the effectiveness. There is 350 Cubic Yards of Pervious Concrete at the facility and it is Five years old and has never been cleaned, so this really is a challenge. Other projects have been done using the equipment and they restored the infiltration by opening the voids. This is not the optimum time of year to try to do this work, but it is essential that we get this done or it will get even worse going through another winter season.

We are planning to perform the cleaning on Thursday November 8th and Friday November 9th.

We are inviting interested people to come out to the site.

The location of the project is: 45 Airport Road Indiana, PA 15701 and we are planning to start the cleaning at 8:00 AM and work throughout each day. This is an active construction site, so we ask that you please wear the proper safety equipment, hard hats, safety shoes, and safety glasses.

This will be scheduled weather permitting, so please contact Bruce Cody with PACA/PCPC to confirm before coming to the site. His cell phone is 724-944-4117 and email